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Old new dishes in the New Year

Date: 2015-12-31

Faced to the New Year's day, the old table in the room had emergency and TongHeJu, with spring park, I putuoshan restaurant room has eight or nine into full waiting for the New Year's day, very hot.In order to make customers happy New Year, all the shop carefully introduced new dishes.
Reporters found that although some old shops on New Year's day room reservation is ninety percent full, but the Bali bistro, I putuoshan, ma kai, restaurants, restaurant, west along the many stores such as seat are not accept reservations ahead of time, the city people can "first come, first served", seat in advance.I putuoshan restaurant hou manager told reporters, according to the usual situation, every New Year's day in less than 10 o 'clock in the morning people for seats, so the old man more customers in the home, can send young people to the store of first order, don't let the old man together wait too long.
Table in addition to high demand, old name for the New Year rolled out new dishes.Barbecue wan Korea manager told reporters that many customers for a New Year new atmosphere, in the new order in the New Year, now a New Year's day is the "" especially popular.In terms of new dishes, Bali bistro will launch stewed lamb chops, this is the store from the hulunbuir prairie repeatedly screening introduced after the lamb ingredients;And YiShun white juice haggis soup looks be like simple, but with a cattle, sheep, chicken bone bone different ingredients, such as hanging soup two or three hours to give priority to it;Roast pork casserole of nanyang yam sheep lungs to welcome the New Year is a nice name - "cheery", there is also a secret preserved duck and okra beef dishes.
New Year new dish, preferential also cannot little.The city in order to make the people benefit little long holiday for New Year's day, New Year's day, TongHeJu, west 4th HuiFeng dumplings floor shop such as for purchases over a certain amount of customer characteristic small gifts, Mr Ma is all sour soup fish restaurant will be given a yellow peas.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: wen-wen sun)