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Beijing only 52 traditional villages Original style needs to be protected

Date: 2015-10-21

China Beijing on November 11 (reporter in vertical clouds) at present, Beijing only 52 traditional villages, reasonable control commercial development area and proportion, individualizing to protect its original style, become the consensus of experts and scholars attending the meeting.
Sponsored by the Beijing LvYouWei Beijing traditional village tourism development seminar held in Beijing on July 11th.Beijing vice mayor Cheng Gong said Beijing 11 counties have 52 relatively intact, and retain the original style and features of traditional villages.These traditional villages with Beijing in one thousand to the historical and cultural evolution, is non-renewable precious cultural heritage.
Cheng Gong, according to the Beijing municipal government attaches great importance to the protection and development of traditional villages, the early stage of the 3 batches of 16 villages have been national ministry identified as Chinese traditional villages, and another eight villages are traditional Chinese villages to declare, the rest of the protection of traditional villages are in advance.
In the seminar on that day, the Beijing municipal LvYouWei issued Beijing 24 villages in traditional tourism projects, including column horse village, village under Cuan, Huang Ling water village, west village, village, tateishi reed chao guan village, etc.These traditional villages are divided into red, ancient villages, original ecological village, village village four types of the scenic spot.
Aimed at the lack of traditional villages are fading industry support, poor infrastructure, the original problem, country villages and towns of housing and urban-rural development JianSheSi deputy director wang xudong, village view to the overall protection, protect the village landscape, landscape shape, scale and mediation of cultural heritage protection and the contradiction between the villagers will improve life.
When it comes to protecting traditional villages are indigenous to give priority to form a new culture, or to build a new culture of the problem?Wang xudong, points out that the traditional villages have various periods of historical memory, the protection is not completely into the Ming and qing dynasties street or village tang Song Yun, should pay attention to the authenticity of cultural heritage, prevent blindly entertainment, provincial;Also should pay attention to the integrity of the villagers' production and living, reasonable control the area of commercial development and proportion.
Sarft, Beijing city, the ancient village protection expert Wang Chonglie also take the same view.In the protection of ancient villages in Beijing, he says, and the development of ancient village tourism in Beijing, be sure to capture the salient feature of the ancient villages in Beijing, to keep a complete shape the spatial form, and its surrounding natural environment, have to someone living in the village, see, see, see life.
Wang Chonglie said the city currently only 52 traditional villages, are distributed in the north and west of Beijing, backward economy, traffic inconvenience, houses old, local people aspire to live a modern life.In the development of the protection of traditional villages, we need to pay attention to the souls of people improve their living conditions, to accelerate the full development of village by tourism development.(after)