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New Year's day to travel Tickets are the most popular of the imperial palace

Date: 2015-12-30

New Year's day small long vacation approaching, many people are preparing for travel.Learned from several travel website that morning in 2016 New Year's day small long vacation scenic spot ticket booking, Beijing the imperial palace, the Summer Palace in the top two.
Scenic spot tickets in advance online, has become one of the many visitors will do the work before.Data show that the New Year from all over the country famous attractions, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, Harbin ice and snow world, Shanghai Oriental pearl, changzhou China dinosaur park, etc. High popularity.In addition, ice swimming, hot springs, leisure consumption is outstanding, related tickets, free line, taking the lead with trips, Tours and other bookings, some lines seen explosive growth.
Ctrip relevant controller introduces, according to the current booking situation, domestic travel hot major is warm southern city this year, including sanya, xiamen, guilin and so on, and represented by Harbin ice and snow tourist destination of the north, and Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou and other popular tourist cities across the years.Warm climate, good holiday environment, hainan is expected to become popular.
Winter travel, bubble hot spring is one of the project will play, also is the first selection of many families.The controller introduces, at present the tianmu lake han tian hot springs hot springs, sanya pearl river south field area, xiamen valley, hot springs and other high popularity.In addition, the ice and snow in the north to swim the most attract tourists across the country, such as nanshan ski resort in Beijing, hebei zhangjiakou stop ski resorts, etc., is a popular tourist destination.
In addition, "New Year" also become a new tourism was a hot word.In particular, the world's tallest building and other landmark scenic spots, become the best choice to travel across the year., according to the Shanghai Oriental pearl, Taipei 101, dubai's burj dubai, etc., are currently booking a popular New Year's landmark scenic spot.
Ctrip travel experts say, New Year's day small long vacation travel peak is expected to appear in the December 31, on January 1.To select long term for travel and outbound tourists, on December 29, also travel peak.In order to avoid congestion, tickets are sold out, queues, and so on and so forth, recommend tourists or peak travel to book in advance.(source: the legal evening news reporter: Luo Xiaojing)