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City open snow feast The bird's nest, north and south square ice area opened New Year's day

Date: 2015-12-31

New net of Beijing on December 31 (xinhua Liu Wenxi) set a ski, snow flying saucer, a variety of snow and ice skating and ice sculpture exhibition, entertainment and service function in the integration of the bird's nest, north and south square ice rink will be officially opened in during the New Year's day.As the seventh session of the bird's nest "grand opera" joy of ice and snow season two games, the north and the south square snow area in the project Settings and the hardware and software aspects of innovation and upgrade.
Ski resort comprehensive hardware and software upgrades
To meet the demand of the citizens and tourists, ski resorts by past a primary way to promote for the early, intermediate two professional ski slopes.Primary way plus buffer for up to 200 meters, 10 degrees slope, height of 10 meters;Intermediate and buffer length is 220 meters, slope 13 degrees, 15 meters high.
In terms of security measures, two trails have to skiers upward "magic carpet".Ski ski area and teaching, adopting the way to build a snow slope, heap, and equipped with safety barrier.
In addition, ski resorts to provide import skis, snow shoes, snow battle, and the snow clothing, gloves for renting.This year's snow clothing, shoes and locker room set indoors, more convenient, more comfortable.
Snow removal way upgrade, set the circle of snow this year (snow flying saucers) are eight, 110 meters, rare in the city, will bring unparalleled parent-child time for tourists.
The south ice: two fitting for movement
Walk while to admire the snow and ice sculpture, is set in the national stadium bird's nest, standing on ice skates swimming natural and unrestrained, enjoy flying joy in the bumper car on the ice - which is integrating three kinds of entertainment functions of the bird's nest south square ice.
The bird's nest ice sculpture exhibition consisting of more than 100 first-class ice sculpture master team creativity.Exhibition area of 3500 square meters, more than 2000 cubic YongBingLiang, and by subject is divided into three pavilions., including "power of Beijing 2022 Olympics" as the theme of indoor ice sculpture, sculpture, the games are sports and the iconic Beijing ancient architecture, such as the temple of heaven.Use the color ice ice sculpture carving craft, the exquisite carver deserve to go up beautiful lighting effects, is refreshing.
The bird's nest south square is also a international standard ice rink, ice 56 meters in length, 25 meters wide, for 500 people at the same time skating.Bumper car on the ice and is one of the most favorite ice game consumers, it control is simple, easy to get started, is a good choice of family, friends, copolymerization.
In addition, the games contain snow mountain exhibits, sled track, snow circle square, ice hockey, curling, and many other games project experience of this snow season in the home are trying to build, is expected before and after January 10th.(after)