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Haidian pupil inheritance of Chinese culture Celebrate New Year's day holiday

Date: 2015-12-30

New Beijing net, 31 dec (Wei Ying) smile bowed out and celebrate the New Year;Age will DE novo, when it is renewed.To celebrate the New Year's day festival, enrich the campus life, the implementation of school-based curriculum, on Dec. 31, Beijing petroleum institute affiliated experimental primary school held a special "vitality of Chinese traditional culture experience" of the New Year's day celebration, this activity to inheriting Chinese traditional culture as the theme, designed the 41 interesting little activity of Chinese traditional culture, makes every effort to make students experience classic rides, intuitive feel the beauty of traditional culture.
The day early in the morning, the students in the most national characteristics of Chinese traditional costume came to the school, received the school special "silver ticket", under the guidance of the teacher and guidance into the already dressed up and ready for the classroom, by paying "silver ticket" to experience different activities.
This small classmate still in grade one brood spell jigsaw puzzle, senior big brother elder sister elder sisters over there have been cheerfully sedan chair, walking on stilts;Here the girls are scrambling to learn cut grilles, handkerchief, painting sector, surrounded the boys over there to sell sugar-coated berry, magic lantern, blow sugar-coated figurine and knead dough figurine of the old artists, want to see them all and mouth;Side of the gyro transfer speed, height of diabolo shake out, on the other side of the "f" word write strength and flexibility of elastic jump out......Students holding a "silver ticket" shuttle between each classroom, by as much as the game to their dazzling, play of accomplished them, traditional culture make them fill their carts.
It is understood that the Beijing petroleum institute affiliated experimental elementary school, which are characterized by "vitality China" course, to develop traditional culture experience activity, aims to let the students to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture, excavate spiritual treasure of Chinese culture, heritage and carry forward the virtues of the Chinese culture.
At the same time, the activity is also committed to the development of multidisciplinary integration courses, such as cognition orientation diagram, use "silver ticket" and the integration of mathematical disciplines, traditional culture and experience activities task list and the integration of Chinese subject, completed scraping wax painting, painting a sectoral, cutting window and the integration of art disciplines, such as production of windmill and rolled a hoop and the integration of science...
More than one of the "dynamic" the fusion course break original subject barriers, change the location of the curriculum implementation and way, vibrant culture and combining school, causes the student to easily obtain knowledge, broaden their practice school "live to learn, live, use" style of study, the students based intelligent life