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The city children's palace to meet palace 60 birthday

Date: 2015-12-28

Yesterday, the Beijing children's palace to hold "we walked together 60 years" education exhibition, to show the past 60 years development course and achievements.The nearly hundred box in the precious historical materials have 350 old photos, they are nearly 30000 photo hand-picked, more than 90% never exhibited abroad.
A floor, tower 2, into the city children's palace, elegantly old photos of s characteristics."To choose the most representative images, we use for nearly a month of time."Standing at the beginning of the children's palace to build a set of city before the pictures, the students clean the yard of weeds, has been working here for 28 years art teacher JiDong tears, choked several times, "the city children's palace is one of the earliest Beijing school education institutions, to some extent, its history of development in Beijing school education."
Military sports was the important content of city children's palace interest groups.In a record $1957 in the first stage of shooting training training scene images, four middle school students take rifle on the ground, look very focused.Don't see them with long plait, tied the two "a little clench," will show who is not for man's manhood.Next to a picture of pistol training class, is a few wearing red scarf girl in practice, their right hand holding a gun, a pistol, commanding presence.Artillery class activity photos, recorded the students under the guidance of soldiers in the army research process of 60 cannon."At that time, the gun is real bullets, filled by forces, strict management."JiDong is introduced.
The images displayed has obvious brand of The Times.City children's palace has metalworking group, for example, the 1950 s, 60 s a bench unit, equipped with car art team in the seventy s, the fine arts institute embroidery factory old actor has also been tutoring students to practice the embroidery, please.At that time, the city also often can see in the children's palace, a professor at the university, they teach children engine, air cushion test took the children to study in the wild to receive radio...It is not hard to see, the city children's palace in science and technology, military, arts, and other colorful activities at the same time, also has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability.
City children's palace built in 1956, its predecessor was founded in 1952, "the home of the Beijing youth".At the time, want to go to the city children's palace is not an easy thing, must first be recommended by the school to the zone, to take the city children's palace examination again.Remember in the children's palace to learn six years of the city, as the first group, with mixed QuXianHe, Zhang Jun British couple.Early on, they were his Alma mater, female 12 in Beijing 2 (now) of 166 middle school recommendation to city children's palace, and stand out in the numerous students to take an examination of, respectively, to study drama and dance group.Zhang Jun British tells a reporter, from the teacher from the school of dance, basic training special strictly.Moreover, the teacher will often take them to the dance academy and college students in class together, absolutely first-class teaching level."The children's palace the teacher let us know the literature and art is not to play, but a career, need to be taken seriously, it also let us benefit for life."A jia in the past, the couple to never forget the city children's palace, referred to as "the dream the place to start".
Data shows, the past 60 years, has been more than 20 children from city children's palace to society, and is active in all walks of life across the country, some of them have become famous in the country's sports athlete, famous scientists and artists.Before it, there are table tennis men's singles world champion chuang tsetung, go star wen-dong zhang, roboticists thaddaeus, satellite Wang Jiliang stylist.The literary besides QuXianHe, Zhang Jun British couple, as well as jiang kun, hou, pu cunxin, mild-manner singer with, TuHongGang, wish the new shipment, etc.Painters have Wang Yong, wang mingming, dance theorists have Feng Shuang white, calligraphers have Su Shishu, etc.
According to the plan, the city of the children's palace education exhibition will last until next march.At the same time, a batch of children is the city children's palace to learn the excellent calligraphy and painting works exhibition, author's age is 7 years old to 14 years old, some of them work in the international award.(source: Beijing daily reporter: xiao-yan jia)